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Healthmate focused on research and development of treadmills, vibration machine, massage chairs and blood circulation machines for 19 years.

+ Strong technical team

+ Strong technical force

+ Complete production equipment

+ Perfect management system

+ Market oriented

+ Complete Research and development
production system

+ Has a number of patent rights

+ Products are exported to more than 30 countries

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扑克牌打法 Home treadmills are commonly used in homes and small community clubs, as well as other low-use occasions. They have a more compact and lighter body than commercial treadmills.

Vibration machine

Vibration machine

It uses the principle of balance measuring to make the whole body fat movement. Use only 5 to 15 minutes a day.You can make your fat move and achieve a slimming effect .

Massage chair

Massage chair

When people are tired, they enjoy the comfort of a massage chair and listening to music. This is the most scientific rest. It can help people who sit for long periods of time to rest and work to promote blood circulation.

Magnetic Exercise Bike

Magnetic Exercise Bike

The exercise car is an exercise that allows the body to exercise properly to promote cardiovascular activity, accelerate metabolism, and improve the functioning of the heart and lungs to improve the body

Children products

Children products

Let the children play in the process of healthy growth is the hope of the world's parents. Exercise the body, improve physical fitness. Stimulate the senses, so that the growth rate of the brain to speed up the development of more perfect.

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